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USA Made and Printed: We are 100% American Made with well over 20 years of experience in the industry. Many orders are set up and printed by our proud Veteran and American patriot employees! Our entire mission behind Sector is to provide a top-quality premium clothing brand and we all stand united.

Great American Designs: We design all our shirts right here in the USA. Our designs come from American patriot artists and veterans and aim to provide some of the most unique styles in the industry.

Quality Product: Fabrics from top-quality USA textiles that offer premium fits. Soft, tagless shirts with custom printed Sector tags.

100% Patriotic Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied for whatever reason, we will offer you an immediate exchange or refund. Our team is here to help ensure you have nothing but the best shopping experience. We always have your back.

American Made T-Shirts

America is not just a country; it is hope, compassion, excellence, courage, and the foundation of our dreams. What better way to declare your die-hard love for America than to rock these unique American-made custom-made tees?

The American-Made t-shirt comes in tons of fun colors; the white, black, silver, army, and pink. You can be rest assured to find that perfect color that blends with your skin tone and makes your skin pop.

Why should you go ahead and place an order for American-Made T-Shirts?

100% American-made and printed

The American-made t-shirts are made in America for Americans, and veterans and patriot artists produce them. Wearing one of these is an open declaration of your love for America. Every action provokes a reaction; if you are a die-hard American, you should be committed to seeing American brands flourish and help them stay in business.

It is fantastic to note that your open love letter to America with American-made t-shirts gives someone around you in the US hope to keep their dreams alive.

Super lightweight

Even with the unbeatable quality from the best textile industries in the US, the American-Made t-shirts are super light, weighing about 0.146lbs without compromising on quality.

Made from top-quality fabrics, they are incredibly soft, smooth, and gentle on the skin. The American-Made t-shirts prove that heavy is only sometimes equal to quality. With American-made t-shirts, you never have to worry about heavy, uncomfortable t-shirts because it was perfectly designed to give you comfort.

Highly affordable

You don’t have to spend a fortune trying to buy the American-Made t-shirt; they are highly affordable at $26.95 – $29.95. I bet you can’t believe the fantastic value you are getting at this super-affordable price, every size goes for the same price, and you can rest assured that the quality is superb. Now to the best part, you get free shipping to anywhere in the US on all orders above 75$; sounds too good to be true, right?

You might never find 100% American-made tees giving you all these mouth-watering benefits on a platter like the American-made t-shirt by Sector!

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